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HC: Vacates interim injunction restraining use of TM ‘JINDAL’ for PVC pipes

  • Citation Number : LSI-705-HC-2024-(DEL)

HC: Directs Emami to deposit Rs. 10 lakh pending Saregama’s copyright infringement suit

  • Citation Number : LSI-696-HC-2024-(DEL)

HC: Permanently injuncts use of mark/trade dress identical to “X-Ribs” for TMT bars

  • Citation Number : LSI-693-HC-2024-(CAL)

HC: Directs Patanjali Ayurved to deposit Rs. 50 lakh for breach of injunction order

  • Citation Number : LSI-686-HC-2024-(BOM)

HC: Upholds rejection of mark “MET L GARD”, citing phonetic similarity with TM “METALGUARD”

  • Citation Number : LSI-682-HC-2024-(MAD)

HC: Quashes Controller’s order rejecting grant of patent to Microsoft’s commanding system

  • Citation Number : LSI-673-HC-2024-(MAD)

HC: Issues directions on sale of refurbished hard disks in Seagate’s TM infringement suit

  • Citation Number : LSI-670-HC-2024-(DEL)

HC: Awards Rs. 217 cr. damages, decrees patent infringement suit in favor of CCAI

  • Citation Number : LSI-663-HC-2024-(DEL)

HC: Quashes Registrar’s ‘non-speaking’ orders rejecting trademark application; Remands matter

  • Citation Number : LSI-660-HC-2024-(BOM)

HC: Grants temporary injunction against use of mark “NOVARISH” infringing Novartis’ TM

  • Citation Number : LSI-662-HC-2024-(BOM)

HC: Vacates ex-parte injunction restraining use of mark “ATYATI” by Cognizant Technologies

  • Citation Number : LSI-655-HC-2024-(BOM)