Tax Scorecard


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Match 1 FRANCE
Currency and Rate / $

Euro / USD = 0.86

Croatian Kuna / USD = 6.34

Tax Year

Calendar year

Calendar year

RoI Filing Due Date

30 April if following calendar year, otherwise within 3 months from the closing of the financial year

4 months from the end of the tax year

Residential Status
- Individuals

An individual is considered to be domiciled in France if:

1. Habitual abode is in France, or

2. Professional activities are carried out in France, or

3. France is the center of economic interests

An individual will be deemed resident in Croatia where they:

1. have real estate in their ownership or at their disposal for more than 183 days in one or two calendar years in Croatia or

2. are physically present in Croatia for more than 183 days in one or two calendar years.

- Corporates

Incorporated, real seat

Legal statutory seat or place of effective management and control

Tax Rates
- Individuals

Progressive rates of taxation ranging from 0% to 45%

Progressive rates of taxation ranging from 24% to 36%

- Corporates

28% rate on income up to EUR 500,000, with the excess subject to standard 33 1/3% rate

18%; 12% (under conditions)

Withholding Tax Rates
- Royalty

33 1/3%; 75% on payments to ‘non-cooperative countries’


- Fees for Technical Services

33 1/3%; 75% on payments to ‘non-cooperative countries’


- Dividends

30%; 18% on payments to EEA countries (except Liechtenstein); 75% on payments to ‘non-cooperative countries’


- Interest

0%; 75% on payments to ‘non-cooperative countries’


OECD Status



No. of Treaties



Treaty with India



Advance Ruling




Yes. There are two general anti-avoidance approaches under French law: the abnormal acts of management approach and the abuse of law approach.


CFC Legislation

Yes. CFC legislation applies to any resident shareholder company that directly or indirectly hold a participation of more than 50% in a foreign legal entity or permanent establishment which is established or constituted in a country the effective taxation of which is at least 50% lower than that of France.


Anti-Tax Haven

Yes; Withholding tax rate on payments made to persons in  ‘uncooperative countries’ is 75%. Transfer Pricing is also applicable to transactions with parties in such countries.


Transfer Pricing



Safe Harbour






Indirect Tax Regime

Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax

- Applicable Rate

20%; 10%; 5%; 2.1%

25%;13%; 5%

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