Technical Agenda

The 3 days action-packed Conclave will serve you a platter full of the hottest topics in the world of international tax. The conclave shall enlighten and engage the delegates in intense deliberations on some of these topics: 

1. Keynote Panel : BEPS @5 - At the Cusp of a Grand Bargain

  • The Progress So Far
  • Have the original objectives been met?
  • BEPS implementation in EU, BRICS & USA
  • International Structures - The Post BEPS Landscape
  • The Unfinished Agenda

2. Structuring & Restructuring in a BEPS World

  • Practical Insights on how Structuring and Restructuring decisions are made in Post-BEPS World
  • Case Studies on evolving Business Models in response to BEPS Risks (Residency Tests, PE Risks, TP Structures, R&D Activities etc.)
  • Grandfathering of Existing Structures in the Post-BEPS World
  • Will Tax Planning involving Holding Structures, SPVs still stand in the face on BEPS measures?

3. Alternate Dispute Resolution - Getting Ready for Tax Arbitration

  • Arbitration - Global Trends
  • Case Studies
  • Arbitration under BIPA - Indian Revenue’s Approach
  • Learnings from Commercial Arbitrations
  • Practical Guide - Engaging a Law firm, Voluminous Documentation & Negotiations

4. Permanent Establishment - The Shifting Sands

  • Revisiting PE thresholds under treaties for traditional businesses
  • PE Rulings in India & Abroad - Is the Revenue gaining momentum?
  • Parsing the Revenue Approach in FAR Analysis
  • Service PE - Would virtual services constitute a PE?

5. Taxing Digital Economy Business Models - Can the OECD/ EU Pin Down their Target?

  • How to minimize double taxation Digital Business Models?
  • Unique country approaches in taxing digital business models
  • Applying digital PE thresholds (users, contracts, revenue) to the new-world business models
  • Application of India’s Significant economic presence (SEP) principles & thresholds to traditional and digital business
  • Value creation analysis in Digital Business Models
  • Role of data privacy laws in shaping Digital taxation policy

6. Tax Technology - How Technology is Disrupting the Tax Function

  • Overview of AI applications in data-driven businesses
  • Application of technology solutions in Taxation - for companies, for advisors and for the Revenue
  • Break-through ideas in Tax Technology
  • Business case studies on the application of AI and robotics
  • Role of tax professionals in the era of technology disruption
  • How is Revenue leveraging the technology in tax administration?

7. The VUCA World of Tax Litigation - Avoiding a Crash Landing!

  • Global and Indian trends in tax litigation
  • Enhanced transparency, analytics and e-assessment - changing dynamics of assessments
  • Strategies for managing VUCA of tax litigation
  • Bracing for the crash landing - 5 things corporate tax directors should do in today’s environment.

8. GST – Path to a simplified regime

  • Simplification of Returns system
  • Amendments to GST legislations – removing ambiguities
  • Litigation – Advance rulings (100+ decisions with differing views, unsettling the settled positions /principles), writ petitions challenging constitutionality of various provisions
  • Assessments & Audit – the way ahead
  • Role of Technology, fate of GSPs and ASPs
  • Anti-profiteering – need for clear guidelines?
  • Malaysian experience – Learnings / Glimpse at GCC VAT