The 2 days action-packed conclave shall discuss contemporary trends in the fields of International tax policy, Transfer Pricing and GST. India has of late been the hotbed of tax litigation and the tax controversies have catapulted the subject to page 1 of the pink papers with increased frequency. That has meant corporate boardrooms spending more time on reducing tax risks and corporate tax directors searching for the often elusive but the right solutions. The conclave shall enlighten and engage the delegates in intense deliberations on some of these topics:

1. International Tax Policy - The Evolving Landscape

Understanding latest trends in International tax policy & pro-actively identifying emerging issues across several jurisdictions.

2. Tax in Boardroom – A CEO Perspective

Tax has now made its way into boardroom discussions and is no longer just the headache of the tax head or the CFO. Hear CEOs on ‘pain’ areas & how they are managing tax risks.

nr_taxes3. Base Erosion & Profit Shifting (BEPS)

OECD is set to complete major work on BEPS in September 2015. How will Indian businesses be impacted by BEPS Action Plans like Digital Economy, Artificial Avoidance of PE, CbC reporting etc?

4. Managing Transfer Pricing Risks

Over 500 APA applications and over 1500 TP rulings - Transfer Pricing has in the last few years become a hot button issue, with annual adjustments in the range of $10-12bn. Understanding of contemporary issues and strategies to minimise the litigation is the key.

5. Goods & Services Tax (GST)

India looks set to usher in the biggest tax reform since Independence - the GST law. What will it take for Cos. to be GST ready? What are the learnings from countries like Malaysia where GST has been implemented recently?

istock_000054737896_large_400_016. Tax Litigation Trends & Strategies

“Tax Litigation” has been the buzz word ever since the Vodafone, Shell, Nokia, Cairn tax cases hit the headlines for the multi-billion dollar claims levied by the tax department. The right litigation strategy can unravel the most complex tax disputes. With a plethora of options - DRP, Writ petition, AAR, MAP, BIPA - why, how and which ones to pick?

7. Judges’ Session

Hear straight from those who interpret tax legislations, complex double tax treaties and lay down the law.

8. Developments in International Jurisdictions

Tax Policy is no longer an isolated domestic legislative agenda of the government; rather we are now seeing countries pick up trends and learn from experiences of other jurisdictions, while framing their own tax laws. What are the latest trends in Australia, China, Singapore, Brazil, UK & USA?