Welcome Note

We are at the cusp of a generational change that is and will challenge some of the most fundamental assumptions in the field of international taxation. Prodded by a mandate from the G-20 to end double non-taxation, a determined OECD has embarked on “Mission BEPS”, that promises to upend the existing world order in tax and bring about a transformation few would have imagined at the start of this decade. Add to it Automatic Exchange of Information, GST, GAAR and India Inc. is being served a tax platter that might test its appetite and the wherewithal to digest the radical tax reforms. To help the Boardrooms & tax directors grasp the import of these changes and successfully navigate the potential turbulence in this journey, we present before you our inaugural ‘Taxsutra Conclave’. The Conclave aims to provide a single platform and display thought leadership in the arena of International tax by bringing together the top tax minds from across the globe – policy makers, tax administrators, tax consultants, CFOs/ corporate tax directors & Judges. The Conclave’s star studded speaker line-up presents the delegates with a never-before opportunity to interact with the Who’s Who of the tax world; many of them being heard by the Indian audience for the very first time.