Tax Experts' Soccer Picks!

Nihar JambusariaSr. Vice President (Taxation), Reliance Industries Ltd

1. Your favourite soccer national team: Germany / Brazil
2. Your favourite soccer club: Arsenal / Barcelona
3. Your favourite soccer player: Messi
4. Your favourite World Cup match: Germany V/s Argentina (2010 World Cup)
5. Your World Cup 2014 semi-finals predictions: Germany v/s. Brazil
6. Which, according to you is the most ‘tax friendly’ jurisdiction for sports? Netherland as there is no Withholding tax on Royalty payments, which involves the major payments to soccer players
7. What, according to you is the most teething ‘tax issue’ faced / being faced by soccer players? Taxing of “Image-rights”
8. One tax advise you would like to give to soccer celebrities: Pay your taxes honestly