Tax Experts' Soccer Picks!

Dinesh KanabarDeputy CEO,KPMG India

BRASIL 2014 – Soccer & Tax !
1. Your favourite soccer national team: Brazil!!
2. Your favourite soccer club: Manchester United
3. Your favourite soccer player: Lionel Messi, of course.
4. Your favourite World Cup match: Spain vs. Netherlands, 2010
5. Your World Cup 2014 semi-finals predictions: Spain, Netherlands, Brazil and England
6. Which, according to you is the most ‘tax friendly’ jurisdiction for sports? Many of the ‘tax havens’ and countries like UAE which do not levy taxes but have a small tax-treaty network
7. What, according to you is the most teething ‘tax issue’ faced / being faced by soccer players? The levy of ‘service tax’
8. One tax advise you would like to give to soccer celebrities: Being away from family playing soccer is hard enough. Being away from family to be resident of a ‘tax friendly’ jurisdiction is worse!!