Experts' Corner

VAT and Holding Companies

Leoni de Boer (VAT Specialist, IBFD)

Blockchain and supply chain security

Dr. Aleksandra Bal (Manager, IBFD)

Taxing the digital economy - what does the future hold?

Victor van Kommer (Director Tax Services, IBFD)

Exchange of Tax Information: A Timeline

Agata Correia da Silva (Managing Senior, Middle East/North Africa, IBFD)

The Future of VAT - Action Plan Adopted

Jordi Sol (Manager VAT Knowledge Group, IBFD)

VAT/GST Challenges for E-Service Providers

Fabiola Annacondia (Principal VAT Specialist, IBFD)

Transfer Pricing and Intra-Group Financing: Tap Dancing in a Minefield?

Anuschka Bakker (Manager Transfer Pricing and Specialist Knowledge Group, IBFD)

How to amend 2,000 treaties? Challenges of the Multilateral Instrument

Ola Ostaszewska (Manager, European Knowledge Group, IBFD)

BEPS Action 7: The Renaissance of the Agency PE?

Luis Nouel Mendoza (IBFD Principal Research Associate)