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ITAT: Rejects Hospital's 'lease rentals' claim on surgical system purchased in 'garb' of lease

Pune ITAT disallows assessee co.'s [running a Hospital] claim of lease payment as revenue expenditure with respect to

Sep 18,2019

ITAT: AO can't claim 'territorial jurisdiction', once case transferred 'unconditionally' u/s. 127

Kolkata ITAT quashes assessment for AY 2015-16, accepts assessee company's stand that issuance of notice u/s. 143(2) by

Sep 17,2019

ITAT: No PE for Audi AG's 'fully built-up' cars sale to Indian AE

Mumbai ITAT rules that Indian AE [i.e Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. , 'VGSIPL'] of assessee [i.e

Sep 16,2019

HC: Quashes provisional attachment of 'Rs. 180 cr. income-tax refund' arising to Vodafone Idea

Bombay HC quashes provisional attachment u/s 281B of income tax refund of Rs. 180 cr.  arising to Vodafone

Sep 11,2019

ITAT: Sec. 56(2)(viib) inapplicable to receipt of share application money from NR at 'face-value'

Bangalore ITAT rejects invocation of Sec.56(2)(viib) w.r.t consideration received by assessee-company [engaged in the business of commercial training

Sep 09,2019

ITAT: Deletes penalty on Google India's 'Adwords payment'; HC's appeal admission shows issue 'debatable'

Bangalore ITAT deletes penalty levied u/s. 271(1)(c) on Google India [assessee] for AY 2008-09 with respect to TDS

Sep 09,2019

ITAT: Law applicable at time of 'commencement of AY', relevant; Denies Sec. 54F claim

Bangalore ITAT upholds denial of assessee-individual's claim of capital gains exemption u/s. 54F for AY 2015-16 in respect

Sep 06,2019

HC: Upholds CIT(A)'s enhancement based on 'new source of income' emanating from assessment records

Allahabad HC upholds ITAT order, rules that while exercising powers of enhancement u/s. 251, CIT(A) can consider 'new

Sep 05,2019

ITAT: Deletes Rs. 8000 Cr. disallowance, grants Sec. 80-IB / 80-IC benefit to oil exploration company

Guwahati ITAT deletes disallowance of Rs. 8000 crores (approx.) made by AO with respect to assessee's [engaged in

Sep 05,2019

ITAT: MAT provisions applicable to SEZ-units from AY 2012-13 onwards, cites Sec.115JB(6) proviso

Jaipur ITAT rules that MAT provisions are applicable to assessee company operating in SEZ unit (eligible for Sec.

Sep 05,2019