PM Modi's Tax Gyaan - Lighter Moments...

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That Prime Minister Mr. Modi is an orator par excellence, is a reasonably well accepted fact. The 400 top CBDT/CBEC officers who had gathered for the Rajasva Gyansangam earlier this week, were witness to Mr. Modi's speech which, according to the few IRS officers i had an occasion to talk to, left them spellbound.&nbsp

While the PM's exhortation to adopt the 'RAPID' framework has been widely reported by the Press, the lighter moments from Mr. Modi's address to the officers have not found much mention. The Prime Minister joked as to how even the thought of a tax department notice makes even him nervous and how he was more relaxed when he had no income to report in the past; cut to present where he enjoys some royalty income ( assuming mostly out of sale of books authored by him ) and hence taxes to pay!   

Another point, an important one of that but delivered in typical rhetorical fashion by the PM was on how people don't want to go through the entire painful process of paying taxes. He had many in the audience surprised when he rattled out the Google Search Results for the terms ' How to pay taxes in India' and yes - ' How not to pay taxes in India. ' For the former, there are around 4 crore search results on Google and for the latter, i.e. how not to pay taxes there are 10 crore search results!! This was enough to drive home the point, Mr. Modi said.  

Finally, he had a clear message for the CBDT/CBEC officers - this is an aspirational country, the expectations of the nation are very different and that he had no interest in knowing what has been happening in the past ( as far as taxes go ). His mantra hence for tax officers - Change the Mindset...