CBDT Corner

CBDT: Stresses on maintaining 'confidentiality' of information obtained from foreign jurisdictions under EOI process

CBDT cautions Revenue officers against sharing of information received under EOI process of tax treaties for non-tax purposes “without the

Sep 19,2019

CBDT - Notifies news rules/form relating to reference, remuneration & procedure before GAAR 'Approving Panel'

CBDT notifies new rules/form in respect of reference to 'Approving Panel' u/s. 144BA(4) for the purpose of declaration of an

Sep 18,2019

CBDT waives lock-in period for NRs investing in Infra Debt Fund bonds

CBDT amends Rule 2F of the Income-tax Rules, 1962 [which prescribes guidelines for setting up an Infrastructure Debt Fund in

Sep 17,2019

CBDT reiterates inapplicability of appeal filing monetary limits to penny stock cases

CBDT issues Office Memorandum [pursuant to Circular 23 of 2019], reiterating that, “...the monetary limits fixed for filing appeals before

Sep 16,2019

CBDT: Designates ACIT [e-verification], Delhi as prescribed IT- authority for Sec. 143(2) purposes

CBDT authorizes that Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax (e-Verification), having headquarter at Delhi, shall act as prescribed Income-tax[IT] Authority for the

Sep 16,2019

CBDT: Notifies Cost Inflation Index for FY 2019-20 at 289

CBDT notifies Cost Inflation Index for FY 2019-20 at 289; This notification shall come into force with effect from April

Sep 13,2019

CBDT: Lays down criteria for launching prosecution only in 'deserving' cases

CBDT lays down criteria for launching prosecution in respect of three broad categories of offences, to ensure that only 'deserving'

Sep 11,2019

CBDT: Provides 'one-time' relaxation of time-limit for filing compounding application, subject to conditions

CBDT relaxes the 12-month timeline for filing compounding application, as a one-time measure for applications filed before the competent authority

Sep 11,2019

CBDT - Amends rules, application forms for grant of approval/exemption u/s. 80G/10(23C)

CBDT amends rules 2C and 2CA [related to application for the purpose of grant of approval for the exemption under

Sep 09,2019

CBDT: Department can pursue 'tax evasion cases' on merits notwithstanding low tax effect

CBDT directs that “appeals may be filed on merits ….where Board, by way of special order direct filing of appeal on merit

Sep 06,2019