OECD webcast highlights country approaches on digital economy, ​formulary apportionment not on agenda

The latest 'OECD Tax Talks' edition provides an update on the MLI, digitalized economy tax challenges, implementation of BEPS minimum

Oct 18,2018

OECD identifies 36 Residence/Citizenship schemes which can potentially pose risk to CRS integrity

OECD analyses over 100 CBI/RBI schemes [Residence/Citizenship by investment schemes] offered by CRS-committed jurisdictions, identifies 36 schemes that potentially pose

Oct 16,2018

OECD releases tax transparency compliance ratings; UK rated 'largely compliant,Singapore 'compliant'

OECD’s Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes publishes further seven peer review reports assessing compliance

Oct 15,2018

Australian Court treats Tech Mahindra's offshore software receipts as Australian sourced income

Federal Court of Australia rules that Satyam's (taxpayer, now amalgamated with Tech Mahindra) offshore software service receipts, which are held

Oct 13,2018

OECD’s 2017 MAP-statistics highlight rising global inventory despite 35% increase in closures

OECD releases mutual agreement procedure (MAP) statistics for 2017 including data from over 85 jurisdictions pursuant to members of the

Oct 11,2018

Australia’s Digital economy consultation paper highlights possible approaches to tax ‘digital advertising’

Australia releases discussion paper for public comments on Digital economy which explores options to move towards a fairer and more

Oct 04,2018

Canadian Tax Court : Rejects GAAR invocation, allows capital-gains exemption under Canada- Luxembourg treaty

Tax Court of Canada allows capital gains exemption to appellant (a resident of Luxembourg) under Article 13(5) of the Canada-Luxembourg

Sep 27,2018

ICAI releases updated publication on NR taxation as amended by FA 2018

ICAI releases updated publication on NR taxation as amended by Finance Act 2018 covering relevant provisions, circulars / notifications and

Sep 18,2018

OECD: Releases paper on simplified registration & collection mechanisms for taxpayers not located in taxation jurisdiction

OECD releases paper on simplified registration and collection mechanisms for taxpayers that are not located in the jurisdiction of taxation; The

Sep 07,2018

OECD’s Tax Policy Reforms report highlights acceleration in corporate-tax rate cut

OECD’s Tax Policy Reforms 2018 report highlights latest tax reforms across 35 OECD members, Argentina, Indonesia and South Africa; Report

Sep 05,2018